Woot Bear Vr. FUTENEKO by Mai Nagamoto

Woot Bear Vr. FUTENEKO by Mai Nagamoto

Posted by fifi on 8th Aug 2021

As this version of her newest and hottest sofubi about to launch at Woot Bear, we want to salute the beloved artist, Mai Nagamoto. We are welcoming Mai back to Woot Bear for her 3rd time working with the gallery since 2015. 

Woot Bear Vr. FUTENEKO

(with pink silky hair and each dressed in their own unique Mai Nagamoto's signature art tee)

Drop date is August 13th

12:00pm PST in-store 

1pm PST wootbear.com

Edition of 30


This release is for US fans only

"Stray cats living strongly with ENTHUSIASM

Domestic cats living nicely with LOVE

Rescued cats waiting excitingly with HOPE

NEA (strength), innocent&core (excitement), and shincaso (hope)
The concept behind FUTENEKO is “healing.”

FUTENEKO is a vigorous stray cat with a grumpy face. Please give it a name."


Website: https://www.mainagamoto.info/

Instagram: @mainagamoto