Superdeux Presents "Mood Palmer - A Kiss With a Fist"

Superdeux Presents "Mood Palmer - A Kiss With a Fist"

Posted by Jonelle on 24th Jun 2019

This month of July, we are featuring Superdeux with 40 new hand painted Mood Palmer toys, limited selction of productions pieces, and tees.  Joining his new editions are a selection of customized Mood Palmers by Sebastien's fellow friends and artists:

Aaron De La Cruz   Aidan Monahan  Andrea Kang  Antoine Broy  Nick Vargas  Jessico  Hyesu  Twigs  Keiko


Stay tuned for more items!

Sebastien Roux (aka Superdeux) was born and raised in the south of France, worked and studied in Paris, and resides now in San Francisco California. Sebastien began his career as a designer over 10 years ago, working in interior design for 2 years and later developed his career in multimedia and interactive design. In 2001, he launched his career as a freelance visual designer.


Instagram: @superdeux


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