Mister Wim x About Being Seen

Mister Wim x About Being Seen

Posted by Jonelle on 29th Feb 2020

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Light Research SF CA
Mister Wim x About Being Seen
March 7 - 17th

Coming up is a collaboration between Mister Wim and About Being Seen. Look forward to a multi-activity event unlike any we have hosted before!

Mister Wim will bring a limited selection of original paintings and large stickers. The opening event on March 7th kicks off with his live painting session from 2-5pm and continues into the evening with black light fluro body painting. About Being Seen will be screen printing reflective art on tees using ABS heat press. 

Mister Wim

London-based artist Mr Wim was born in ’61 in Antwerp, city of diamonds and chocolates. He went to the Jesuits, studied 'art history’, joined the Army and decided to become an artist. A peaceful revolution!

As the original post-graffiti-sticker-king, Mr Wim's been stickin' around for a while doing commissioned and non-commissioned murals for public and private spaces. His work has been featured in solo and group shows, as aktion cave paintings in discos, bars, music festivals, tattoo studios, and conventions from Deptford to Osaka.

His playful mediums of artful dodging include graffiti, body paint, murals, tattoo designs, stickers, and drawings.

Mr Wim works in London, Osaka, and Antwerp, He has just spent this winter in Mexico exhibiting and painting murals. 

Website - misterwim.com

Instagram - @misterwim@brainmansion

About Being Seen

About Being Seen is about you customizing your style. So we will print on your favorite, shirt, jacket, bag, pants and almost any apparel item you can think of!

Website - aboutbeingseen.com

Instagram - @aboutbeingseen