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Tarbus the Tardigrade
Wootbear Exclusive

Saturday, March 16, 2019
12pm PST

Tarbus the Tardigrade is the world's first ever product, toy, and microorganism designed entirely in virtual reality!  Standing tall at 3.5'' and made of two components that swivel at the waist, this marbled pink/GID green Woot Bear Exclusive is a must-own for savvy scientific soft vinyl enthusiasts.

This limited-run of pink and green figures will be available online in-store.

DoomCo Designs is a Chicago design and fabrication company dedicated to the digital ideation and occasional fabrication of art toys, sculptures, and statues! The brainchild of Kent Fremon, lifelong Chicagoan, artist, and mechanical engineer, DoomCo Designs began out of a desire to explore the intersecting worlds of three-dimensional object theory and the real-life manufacturing capabilities of vinyl toys. These days the company now aims to present the public with a highly curated selection of toys, sculptures, and works of art from original ideas and licensed properties!

Check out more of DoomCo's work online!

Website -

Instagram - @doomcodesigns



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