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The Roman Banquet
March 24, 2018


We're throwing a feast and you're invited!  Put on your best threads and come join us for this fancy occasion.  The artists will bring their best dishes to put on the menu.  Come hungry!


Big C
Christa Dippel
Chris Tampin
Eimi Takano 
Eloise Kim
Ha-Anh Dinh 
Heidi Kenney
Jerome Lu
Katie Fortune
Mariangela Tan
Matthew Perez
Rato Kim
Refreshment Toy
Rudy Ramirez
Scott Wilkowski
Victoria Rose
Zard Apuya


Upcoming Events:

April 2018:  Sonni (more details TBA)
May 2018:  Nate Denver (more details TBA)
May 2018: Bigfoot (more details TBA)
June 16, 2018:  Horrible Adorables
July 19-22, 2018:  SDCC
July 14, 2018:  Sabrina Elliott & Tina Lugo
August 2018:  Yosiell Lorenzo
September 2018:  Lolligag
October 2018:  NYCC
October 20, 2018:  Nathan Jurevicius
November 16-18, 2018:  Designer Con
December 1, 2018:  Andrea Kang

December 2018:  4th Annual Charity Event w/ J*RYU & Vampy

Stay tuned for more announcements!

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