Puppy Tang Little Forest 3

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The Third Little Forest series

Designed by Han Ning, produced by AICHIAILE

"Little Bunny is the most pitiful in the Little Forest series, see here should all guess the cause of the Little Bunny sad tears! Yes, the Big Wolf ate her baby :little little bunny, which made the living Bunny's heart was broken, and tears flowed into a river. Really want to borrow moonlight treasure box to help Little Bunny to save the little little Bunny ~

The coolest one in Little Forest series is Big Wolf. The biggest characteristic of the Big Wolf is the Wolf's head mounted on the space helmet. Meanwhile, the facial expression is also made to echo, highlighting the character of the Big Wolf itself. Oh, the Big Wolf ate the little little bunny, the Little Bunny should be very sad ~

Forest Princess :The most courageous of the Little Forest series, the space helmet has a headdress composed of large and small bone pieces and beautiful feathers. The face also has a tribal pattern, matched with a golden collar, and a small butterfly pattern on the body. She protects this quiet forest, this territory."

Material: PC+ resin

Size: 3inches tall

Color: gray ,red,white