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Designer Con 2018

November 16 - 18
Anaheim Convention Center
Woot Bear Booth #402

We're back bringing the most spicy lineup of the weekend!
Are you excited to join the Woot party?

Scott Wilkowski

Ghost of the Ancestors - Afterlife Artifact - $65 each
Baby Wootron in a new clear skin  -  $30 each
Infected Woot Ninja - $30 each
Infected Teen Woot 3.25 - $70 each

For our many fans who can’t make it to Dcon this year, our special online release goes live Saturday 11/17, 12pm noon PST.
Stay tuned for more color ways!

Website -
IG - @sw__._.__ws


Junko Mizuno

Junko signing Saturday 11/17 and Sunday 11/178 1-3pm
Items will be available at our booth :)

Woot Bear exclusive print - $30
Limited to 100

Hand-embellished Junko Bears available Saturday, 11/16
$75 each
Limited to 15

Website -
IG - @junko_mizuno_art


Dave Bondi

Bondi Bear
Sapphire - $65 each
Edition of 15

One-of-kind Color Ways - $125 each
Edition of 6

IG - @davebondiart
Website –

Agent Wednesday

The lovely Agent Wednesday will be here doing her usual thing--drawing you in her cute signature style and having a grand ol' time.

Stay tuned for all the surprises!

Website -
IG - @agentwednesday


Skull Chubz - $120
Limited to 1

Chubz the Cat - Puff Ball Edition - $60 each
Edition of 3

IG - @jay222toy


Love & Warren

Plush and handmade figures

Website -
IG - @loveandwarren


Victoria Rose

Saturday, 11/17, 3-6pm
Variety of gator, chickens, and hedgehogs - $20 each
Mint chocolate chip, lemon meringue, strawberries and cream color ways
1-1.5 inches

3 large fox, elephant, and narwhale
Mint chocolate chip color way

IG - @rawrztoys
Website -



Hand-painted figures and canvas pieces of Francis the Panda

IG - @hzrd22



Bone Daddy and Bite Me Bear

This year we are sharing a booth with the magnificent Zebulon.  He will have a wide assortment of items available for your perusal.  Zeb is known in our toy community as a sculptor, toy painter and resin maker.

If you don't already know him, check him out!

IG - @zebulonsf
Website -

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