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Nate Denver

Art & Music

Nate Denver brings with him an exciting experience to Woot Bear combining art and music!   For the Opening Reception on May 12th, we enjoyed a special live music performance by Nate Denver, himself.  Bring your wallets for souvenirs such as original drawings from his books, records, posters, and more! 

Made exclusively for this show is the Micro Elephant; sculpted and hand cast by Scott Wilkowski, inspired by Nate Denver's book, 'Wait, You're Not a Centaur.'

Nate Denver was born in Redwood City, CA. He currently lives in Pasadena, CA with his wife, daughter and a black cat.

Denver used to write for magazine, like, a lot. He interviewed the weird guys and some weird women. Notable interviews include Dick Clark, Eric Idle, Kim Kardashian, Slayer, Wu-Tang, The Rock, and MF Doom. He recently started writing for Thrasher again and has published interviews with Morbid Angel and Yellowman. His main job these days is fireman.

Denver has released 18 vinyl recordings and five CDs with one punker band (Total Shutdown), one metal band (Dig that body up, it’s alive) and one solo band (nate denver’s neck).

His two books, Wait, you’re not a centaur and Haunted Armor, are collections of short stories. Specifically fifty stories, each exactly 50 words long. There are drawings and music recordings in those books, too.


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