Chocolate Kandy x Sanrio Blind Box by Jason Freeny

$16.95 - $101.70
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It’s a box of chocolate Kandy surprises! 

All your favorite Sanrio characters are here in the new blind box collection - Kandy x Sanrio ft. Jason Freeny Series 02 (Choco Edition). Inspired by your favorite chocolate treats, every figure features a different clear colored half. From the delicious dark pink of raspberry chocolate to the sweet sweet yellow of caramel chocolate, this colorful collection is a feast for the senses.

Admire the chocolate detailing of their full colored halves or peep into each clear Kandied half and spot their unique half dissections, sculpted beautifully by Jason Freeny. Featuring 6 regular characters, and 1 rare, will you unbox every chocolate Kandy flavor and collect them all?