Candie Bolton

Self taught artist and toy maker Candie Bolton brings her unique style of classic Japanese culture meets surrealist art to canvas and even sofubi toys.

Candie Bolton brings back her signature style to 'Feminamorphe II', our all-girl group show she curated with Tasha Zimich.  Candie previously showcased at Woot Bear with JP Neang for their duo show, "KAMIKAKUSHI - Walking WIth Spirits".

Instagram:  @candiebolton

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Remjie is a Norwegian artisan doll/toy maker and lately vinyl toy customizer. Known for using extremely bright colour palettes in her work.

We are excited to have Remjie part of 'Feminamorphe II', Woot Bear's first all-girl group show.  Come see her vibrant works, and be sure to check out her creations online! 

Instagram:  @remjiedolls

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Stefani Rabideaux [ Fika Art ]


Fika: A short coffee break, usually accompanied with something sweet.

Stefani Rabideaux (Fika Art) is a self-taught Artist who currently resides in Orlando, Florida. Her work is often inspired by Japanese Pop Culture, Fairytales, Pop Surrealism and the Classic Pinup style. Most of her work expresses innocence, simplicity and beauty with vibrant colors, leaving her audience to interpret their own view of emotions.

More of Fika Art

Instagram:  @fikaart  

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Mayuko Nakamura

Mayuko Nakamura was born and raised in Osaka, Japan.  She was a successful illustrator and graphic designer before deciding to focus solely on her painting.  She is an up and coming pop-surrealist whose work has been featured in prominent galleries around the world. Her work focuses on feminist themes and the complex relationship between beauty, fear, sexuality and power.

We welcome Mayuko and to our 'Feminamorphe II' exhibition.  More of her sexy and powerful art can be seen online! 

Instagram:  @myu_nakamura

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Rato Kim

"My name is Rato Kim and I live in Seoul, South Korea.

I am an Toy artist and mainly make cat themed toys."

Rato Kim is the creator of "Breadcat", the most adorable fusion of bread and cat!  Her work will make a debut Woot Bear appearance in 'Feminamorphe II', our all-girl group show.  Swing by this Saturday, February 25th, to see a trio of special Breadcats produced just for the exhibition!

Instagram:  @atokim

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Rhodora Jacob

"My name is Rhodora Jacob and I am an artist from Seattle, WA. 
I first attended Olympic College where I studied Fine Arts and Photography. I then attended the Art Institute of Seattle for my bachelors in Media Arts and Animation. I am an artist that loves to create beauty in a mixture of modern influences and an essence of whimsy , with a touch of traditional techniques. I believe art is a form that is expressed freely and has the potential to find itself in unusual places. I strive to achieve the free spirit and curiosity that my art continues to teach me everyday through exploration and open-mindedness. Most importantly we must obtain our child-like wonder."

Check out Rhodora's whimsical style at 'Feminamorphe II', our all-girl group show!  Opening Reception is on February 25, 2017.

Instagram:  @rhododoodle
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Eimi Takano

SInce 2012, EImi Takano has been a creator of stuffed characters, sculptures, and paintings.  Her characters will bring smiles and encouragement to people of all ages and backgrounds.

In Japan, it has been believed that the soul and spirit reside with everything in the universe since ancient times.  Elements of nature have been personified and deified.  Eimi's admiration of these values have inspired her to incorporate food and elements of nature that have soul and spirit into her artwork.

EImi has been expressing her world of imagination as an image created by embroidering and dyeing on fabrics, but one day was very pleased to find out  she was able to express her imagination more directly by using stuffed toy as her medium.  Since then, she has continued to produce stuffed toys of characters, elements, and residents from her world of imagination.  Her world is filled with her favorite things such as delicious food and Japanese nature, and ordinary events.

It is her joy and pleasure to see people happy when they see the objects that she makes.

Eimi's adorable works debuts at Woot Bear as part of 'Feminamorphe II', our all-girl group show!

Instagram:  @eimitakano

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Andrea Kang

Andrea Kang is an illustrator, designer and toy maker.
She loves drawing bunnies and bears while drinking peppermint tea. 

Andrea returns to Woot Bear after her solo show 'I See Bears', as part of  our 'Feminamorphe II' all-girl group exhibition on February 25th!

More of her works can be seen online:

Instagram:  @harlow_bear

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JP Neang

"An Artist & Creative Director, JP’s work has been showcased in various galleries in the US and globally. She continues to push the boundaries of drawings, new worlds that evoke stillness and playfulness. Landscapes devoid of color, images that evoke feelings of longing which are greatly influenced by "space", "pause" or "the space between two structural parts."

 JP’s passion in the creative world extends beyond her art. She has taught creative education (21st century thinking, creative engineering, & the arts) for several years. Since 2014, she has worked to inspire the world with her global initiative called “Imaginary Atlas”, an initiative that builds customized creative programs to children across the world."

After a successful duo show with Candie Bolton, 'KAMIKAKUSHI - Walking With Spirits', JP brings back her playful style to Woot Bear for 'Feminamorphe II'.

Instagram:  @JP Neang
Facebook:  JP Neang
Website: (art)

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Renee French

Renee French is an American artist, best known as a comics writer and illustrator, who also enthrals audiences as an exhibiting fine artist. The narratives that unfurl from Renee’s mind and onto her paper, span the wide chasm that exists between child friendly fairy tales and the dark gritty regions of adult introspection. Working primarily with extremely fine pointed graphite pencils on miniature pieces of paper, often measuring no more than two or three inches square, French conjures up fuzzy and foreboding images which convey humorous, and at times, disturbing tales. - Tim Maclean, Wow X Wow

Renee will be bringing her soft style to 'Feminamorphe II', our all-girl group show opening on February 25th!  See more of her lovely works online:

Instagram:  @reneefrench
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