13 The Lake Mermaid Spell by droolwool (SOLD)

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The Lake Mermaid Spell by droolwool

It's Spring time! There's a light breeze, but the lake water is so
still that it looks like a mirror. From time to time the stillness is broken by
the fall of a flower that gently lands on the surface of the lake. Mimsy is
feeling inspired to learn a new spell... What should it be? What should it
be...?, she wonders as she goes through the vast library of Sirena, the
Water witch. Aha! she finds one that is just perfect! She runs to the lake,
pronounces the magic words, takes a deep breath and... splosh! Dives into
the lake. A few minutes pass, the stillness returns to the surface of the
water and Mimsy is at the bottom of lake, but suddenly, for everyone's
surprise she resurfaces as a beautiful Mermaid with a glistening water hair!

7”x5”x4” / Soft Vinyl Toy, Needle Felted Wool