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Opening Reception
Saturday, May 6, 2017

The SUPER SUCKLORD, Famous Toy Bootlegger and New York City Supervillain has chosen to grace the great city of San Francisco with his presence for a show entitled “A Little Gay, A Little Star Wars, A Little Bit of Everything!”.  On May 6th, we will host Mr. Sucklord as he unleashes 30 of his new SUCKPANEL pieces; One-of-a-kind toy and collage wall hangings that push the edges of subject matter in the Designer Toy Space. Source materials such as vintage gay porno/pin up magazines, comic strips, coloring books, and rock gazettes are paired with modified vintage action figures, resulting in humorous incongruities and compelling free associations that will disturb and delight deranged kids of all ages!  A full selection of Bootleg Toys, Mini-Figures, and Trading Cards will be available, as well as the Sucklord himself, who can be easily had with a few drinks and excessive flattery.  A Little Gay, A Little Star Wars, A Little Bit of Everything runs May 6, 2017 - June 5, 2017.



The Sucklord is a New York City Pop Artist and Television Personality known for his subversive Action Figure mashups and Reality TV Persona. Operating under the brand SUCKADELIC, The Sucklord’s line of self-manufactured Bootleg Toys steal shamelessly from STAR WARS, vintage advertising and all manner of Pop Culture Trash. Packaged in layers of ironic self-mockery, His shoddy looking wares have inspired an entire secondary Art movement, with dozens of entrepreneurial Toy Bootleggers creating their own versions of highly referential, low-rent interpretations of their favorite figures. The Suck-aesthetic carries over into the Sucklord’s Media Enterprise with the thoughtful-yet-raunchy talk show, The SUCKHOUR and The Lo-Fi Sci-Fi Serial, TOY LORDS of CHINATOWN. The Sucklord has appeared on several Reality TV programs such As BRAVO’S Work of Art: The Next Great Artist and The Dating Game, using those venues as an opportunity to create spectacular pieces of Live Performance Art. Recently The Sucklord has increased the scale of his work, putting oversized blister-carded figures in Tokyo art galleries, the homes of the famously wealthy, and the Walls of downtown New York City.

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