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“Sentimental Journey” - Works by Kyoko Hirota, Ryan Wong, and James Kamo

The show is inspired by wanderlust, memories, and the sense of belonging.


Kyoko Hirota is a Northern California based artist. Her work is inspired by road trips, cozy homes, love of beer and curious people. Oftentimes in her pieces, there is a happy/grumpy monster called Komopoko going out on little adventures or making sarcastic comments. 

James Kamo is a doodler/designer from California who started doing imaginary drawings in 2007 because some of the other art/design students in his dorm could and he was jealous that he could not. He likes using various mediums but pencil drawings are his jam.

Ryan Wong is a Bay Area based artist and designer. He has a strong focus on mixed media drawings and paintings. He’s very much inspired by nature along with the more mundane aspects of everyday life.


We look forward to sharing these memories with you!

Upcoming Events:

December 16th, 2017:  Junko Mizuno -  'The Witch, the Nurse, & the Wrestler'

January 2018:  Sketch Show (by collective artists) for the theme of their favorite movies 
Feburary 2018:  Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas

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