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Steve Ferrera

Opening Reception
June 16, 2018


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Steve Ferrera returns to Woot Bear.  This time he will bring with him two new debuts, along with some surprise characters, and a few collaborations with
Scott Wilkowski.

Wookiee Clan

Flying Flower

Stone Guardian – Aragonite Star Cluster

Micro Wilkowski Clans
(Work in progress)

Infected Wookiee Clan
by Scott Wilkowski

Micro Woot Clan and Centaur Woot Clan
by Scott Wilkowski

About Steve Ferrera
Steve Ferrera received his BFA from UCSC and his MFA from SJSU both with an emphasis in sculpture.  His work crosses many disciplines including film, television, stop motion animation, children’s books, and collectible toys.  Often inspired by mythology, religion, cartoons, and make believe, his curious and absurd creatures exist in their own cosmic events, lurking on the fringes of fairy tale and folklore.  He lives in Berkeley, California with his one-eyed cat.

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​​​​​​Instagram:  @steveferrera
YouTube:  @steveferrera
Twitter:  @scferrera

Stay tuned for more details!


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